Per-Harald Jensen b:1953

By Per-Harald Jensen

Per-Harald Jensen May 17, 2002

Dear friends,

I am sending you a short mail to tell you a little about my New Situation.

On 29th of October 2000 I was in my country cottage together with a friend of mine. I fell down from the balcony, and the result was a spinal cord injury. This happened when I wake up early in the morning and it was a cold night. My friend called for help and after 3,5 hour a rescue helicopter came and picked me up and brought me to Tromso there an operation was performed at the hospital. My body temperature was under 30 C and I was nearly to die of that too. I can't remember much from these hours. My friend made a very good job to hold me alive and I thank him being alive today.

Some days later I went by plane to a rehabilitation hospital in Trondheim. There I had lots of specialists/ therapists to help me, in order to become better. The next two mounts I had to stay in my bed and lots of problems came. The spinal cord injury had done my body lamb from the arms to the toes and I had to learn sitting up again. After two mounts I could use a wheelchair to get around. After eight month I came home and have used the time after to get rebuilt my home for wheelchair. I am every day helped by local nurses and have therapy three times a week.

My situation today is nearly the same. I am using an electric wheelchair and "goes" out almost every day. I soon will start in my job again, but it will never be the same. My fingers do not work as before and I have problem to use the computer.

I hope I soon will have a special wheelchair car so I can move longer away. I also will get a personal assistant who will stay with me some hours almost every day. This will give me a better life. Until now it have been much more to do for my wife and it have been a hard time for her. My two sons also have been helping much since the accident.

I have yet got a new computer and computer desk. I have already started recording family records and hope to continue mailing to you all.

Lots of love from

Per-Harald Jensen

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