Michael David Gnam

In Loving Memory of Michael David Gnam July 25, 1954 - January 22, 2012

Michael David Gnam

Michael David Gnam (also known as "David Salberg") was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada (the son of Bette Gnam and Lawrence Dale Dragland).

Michael had four half-brothers: Vaughn Dragland, Dean Dragland, Brad Dragland, & Todd Dragland, and a half-sister: Jeanne Morrison. He also had two daughters: Tara Dawn Bixby, and Courtney Rose Wilson.

From a young age Michael began to hone his musical talents by beating the heck out of his mother's couch, pots, counter tops, etc. Over the years his natural talent was apparent in the numerous musical instruments he could play, including guitar, keyboards, and drums. His gift of music was natural and passed to him from his grandpa Gnam and his beloved mother Bette whom he loved, admired, and respected wholeheartedly.

Michael filled his life with family, friends, and music, and was respected and admired in the music communities near and far.


Tara & Courtney
Michael's daughters: Tara Dawn Bixby, and Courtney Rose Wilson