Glen Dragland 1954 - 2012


Glen Dragland Glen Dragland passed away suddenly in Medicine Hat on April 21, 2012. Glen was born in Medicine Hat on September 29, 1954. He grew up on the farm at Conquerville, receiving most of his education at the nearby Centralized School and graduating from Gershaw High School in Bow Island. Glen spent many years working for oil companies, 17 of which were spent overseas providing him the opportunity to live in other countries and travel to see the world.

He came back to Canada in 2001, working at Brooks several years where he enjoyed remodeling and decorating his house with his cat Missy for company. He moved to Medicine Hat in 2009. Glen was survived by his father, Vern Dragland of Medicine Hat; mother, Margaret (Ian) Anderson and aunt, Violet Hansen of Medicine Hat; two brothers, Neil of Bow Island and Lyle of the Medicine Hat District; special cousins, Dean, Bradley and Todd as well as his friends since childhood, Beverly, Felix and Richard. Glen’s life was honoured privately without the proceedings of a formal funeral service.

Glen's Journal - Medicine Hat, Alberta - October 2009

Hi Folks:

I recently moved to Medicine Hat. I guess I should take the time to write out my life's story some day. Who knows? Somebody might read it! My profile is OK, I guess. It's there online if anyone looks up my name, but it doesn't really depict what I've been up to for the past 55 yrs. Jesus can't believe I've made it this far and still kicking. I guess us Draglands came from a good blood line.

Later... Glen.

Glen Dragland

Pattaya Country Club, Thailand - May 1999

Glen “Lassie” Dragland, shown here after winning his first knotted putter from the Hare House, earned his biggest victory to date - the 1999 Pattaya Sports Club President’s Bowl Ecletic Tournament.

The 1999 title holder of Best Eclectic belongs to Canada’s Glen "Lassie" Dragland. "Lassie", playing off 32, (handicaps were frozen for the duration of the tournament) led the entire field from day one. By the end of the second round he was already down to an eclectic net score of 58. At this time, the feeling among his fellow golfers was that "Lassie" would hit a wall and his game would prove to be too erratic for any great improvement in his score. That proved to be dead wrong. In the third round he cut another three strokes off his score and was down to a net 55. His lead was now three strokes over his nearest competitors George Jackson and Dale Drader. After the tournament, "Lassie" admitted to being so nervous that he wasn’t sure he could play in this competition again. "I felt sick as a dog" ( no pun intended). Sick or not, "Lassie" went out on the fourth day and took off another two strokes to end the tournament at net 53. Ironically, his score after the third day would have won the whole shebang anyway.

For those who know him well, it was very interesting to see how one of Pattaya’s genuinely nice guys responded to all this pressure. He obviously responded very well. He has been red hot in the competitions played out of the Hare House and his game has shown steady improvement. In this tournament, he was one of only two golfers in the B Flight to get a natural birdie. When Pattaya Sports Club President Peter Malhotra presented the winning trophy, "Lassie" Dragland was the happiest, proudest, and most relieved man in Pattaya.