Don Dragland

Update July 2023:
Hello, We just got back from a trip to Norway. We visited the actual Dragland home site. We came from a beautiful area, that's all I can say. It was quite a thrill to walk where my dad walked as a six year old kid before they left for the United States in 1892. Our "guide" was a man whose grandmother was my grandfather Lars' sister. His first comment to me when we met was "You're Dragland!" I said you bet I am!
Don Dragland

I just discovered the Dragland Web page. Hey! I like it. I wouldn't mind learning a little about my roots and some of my relatives. I am Donald B. Dragland, son of Chris Dragland, son of Lars Dragland, son of Ole Thorson. I can give you bits and pieces of stuff on Lars' family and I can fill in all kinds of details about Chris' family, being his youngest child.

My dad was the Kristian Adolph Dragland in the family tree, (or however it was previously spelled) born in 1885 to Lars and his wife. He simply went by Chris Dragland his whole life, that I know of, at least. I was born when he was 56, almost 57 years old in 1942. Yup. You're right! He was old enough to be my grandfather, but here's what happened. He didn't get married until he was 32 years old. Then he and my mother had 13 children over 24 years. The oldest in our family was born in 1918.

Click on each name for more info about Lars Dragland and Chris Dragland.

Below is a photo of me with all of my brothers and sisters, taken in 1976...

Chris's kids 1976.jpg

Left to Right...

Front row: Juel Dragland (1938), Don Dragland (1942), Joyce Dragland von Ruden (1940-1996), Chris Dragland Jr. (1925-2001).

Middle row: Dorothy Dragland Stevens (1933), Etta Dragland Tommerdahl (1923), Mavis Dragland Dahl (1936), Gladys Dragland Peterson (1920-2003).

Back row: Sid Dragland (1927), Grace Dragland von Ruden (1931), Hazel Dragland Rust (1921), Leroy Dragland (1918-1998), Mary Ann Dragland Sundquist (1929).