Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland

Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland

Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland was born May 13, 1866 at Lodengen Church, Dragland Farm, Norway. He is the son of Ole Thorsen Limmesand (Dragland) and Mette Jonetta Danielsdatter. Mikal was one of 12 siblings, including Berit Marie, Nicoline, Daniel, Lars, etc. He immigrated to the United States in 1887, settled in North Dakota, and married Mary Gullikson in 1893. He later moved to Canada to be a homesteader in Southern Alberta. Mary died September 15, 1924. Mikal died April 19, 1940.

Mikal and Mary with their children

Group photo:

Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland, with his wife Mary Gullickson and their children.

Upper row:
Oscar Gustav Dragland (1893 - 1952)

Middle row:
Alma Christine Dragland (1897 - 1989)
Mikal Peder Olsen Dragland (1866 - 1940) - father
Alice Mae Dragland (1905 - 1993) - baby
Mary (aka Marie) Gullickson (1875 - 1924) - mother

Front row:
Theodore Edwin (Ted) Dragland (1904 - 1983)
Rudolph Magnus Dragland (1899 - 1984)

Not living at time of photo (circa 1908):
Minnie Kristine Dragland (died 1897 at age 5 months)
Melvin Oren Dragland (1909 - 1979)
Kenneth Arthur Dragland (1911 - 1981)

Owner: Jeanne Morrison, Vancouver, BC, Canada
(Copy: Dragland Family Association)

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