Don Morrison

Don Morrison passed away peacefully Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 with his family by his side. Born in Barrhead, Scotland, he was the son of the late Rachel and Malcolm "Calum" Macleod Morrison. Don was loved and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. He is survived by his beloved wife, Jeanne, son Calum & wife Kelsey; sons Graham and Iain (along with Allie and Jeanette); daughter Sharlene; grandchildren Paris, Paloma, Liam and Lochlin; brothers Angus and Duncan (and family); brothers-in-law Vaughn, David, Dean, Brad, Todd and their respective families. Don lived life to the fullest, loved people, and was a caring listener. His needs were small and his gifts were many. He was a man of strong integrity who loved his family.

More Info: www.donmorrison.ca

Photo at right taken at the Dragland Family Reunion July 14, 2007


Donald Morrison
("Don" of the Dragland Syndicate)

The Dragland Rat Pack, L-R: Vaughn Corlioni Dragland, Dean Corlioni Dragland,
Don Corlioni Morrison (The "Don")
, Michael Corlioni Dragland,
Todd Corlioni Dragland. Brad Corlioni Dragland.

Photo Taken: August 8, 1997 Vancouver, BC, Canada (at Nona & Trevor's wedding)

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